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Vintage Inspired Nursery Furniture - The Macy Cot

Vintage Inspired Nursery Furniture - The Macy Cot

The first design in our nursery furniture collection.
The Macy Cot is an ode to timeless furniture, a piece to be cherished, adored and loved by the most precious addition to your family. 
Pictured in a white swept room with sprawling florals and sweet children was the best way to capture our first cot and we have perth photographer capturegeneration to thank for our beautiful images.


Hand Crafted means paying homage to processes in furniture making that are as old as time itself, processes that have never failed and are used still to this day. Our Macy cot is a time consuming and care filled piece of furniture.
Hand turned feet, our signature Macy details and bars which are exclusively designed and meticulously hand shaped to perfection make our Macy cot a one of a kind piece of furniture in the worldwide market. 

Open or Closed ends 

 Our Macy cot comes with the option to choose between open ends or closed ends, a touch of customisation to create what is right for your family.  


Our Macy beds have panelling on the inside of the bed, were-as our Macy cot has the panelling on the outside. Why? as our creative director (mother of two) pointed out, dust collects quickly and adding panelling to the inside of a cot means pockets of dust collecting along the panelling inside with precious babies. For this reason we have kept the inside panels of our Macy cots perfectly simple.



Pictured is our Macy cot with closed ends in Victorian Ash/Tasmanian Oak with a raw light hardwax finish ( all of our finishes are entirely non toxic, protective and food grade ). Each cot is handcrafted by our furniture makers in Perth, Western Australia, meet the strict safety standards in AUS/NZ and fit a standard Australian sized cot mattress. 

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