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Our Story



Village Little Interiors furniture is thoughtfully designed to bring the charm of the English and French countryside to modern homes. Our furniture is an escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, serving as a reminder to slow down and appreciate the simple moments. Our furniture is an ode to the past created for the modern family home.


Village Little Interiors was founded in 2021 in Perth, Australia, by a husband and wife duo, specialising in creating vintage-inspired handcrafted furniture using timeless design and quality timbers. We now operate from a factory workshop and studio located in Fremantle, Australia, shipping our products to customers in Australia and the United States. Our team is passionate about handcrafted furniture and is committed to delivering the highest standards of furniture that pay homage to heritage and vintage design.


In 2021, our co-founder and creative director was on a quest to find the perfect timber sleigh bed for her son's bedroom. However, all she came across were  second-hand, damaged and often unsafe pieces of furniture. Frustrated with the lack of quality options available in the market, she decided to design the first beds in our range along with her husband. With his background and passion for furniture making and her background in design and concept, they embarked on a venture to handcraft Village Little Interiors beds in Australia. At Village Little Interiors, we take the term 'handcrafted' very seriously. Our passion for keeping the production of our products in Australia is what drives our range. We use traditional woodworking methods and the highest quality finishes, both non-toxic and child-friendly. Our beds are inspired by true vintage designs and are an ode to the woodworking techniques of times past that evoke a sense of a different era in the home they are placed in. One of our greatest achievements in keeping our furniture authentic is the local production of our feet and finials in Australia. Most companies now source these components from overseas, made on large scale machinery. However, our beds are still made using hand-turned lathe feet and finials.
To see a glimpse into the production of our furniture head to our instagram @villagelittleinteriors


As a family owned business, one of our core values is to ensure a sustainable future for generations to come. All the timber used for our furniture is sustainably sourced, and certified by PEFC and FSC. This means that we are committed to forest conservation. We take pride in using eco-friendly packaging materials for shipping our furniture, which are biodegradable or recyclable and safe for the environment. Our goal is to deliver furniture safely to our customers while also protecting the environment.